As a parent or carer of a Winters Flat Primary School student, you are welcomed into the school community and your involvement on any level is encouraged and appreciated. Your ideas, talents and contributions are what help make Winters Flat a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

The Winters Flat Primary School Parents, Carers and Friends Club forms a vital link between parents/carers and the school. By working together as a community, we can create a collective voice at School Council, generate funding, improve facilities, and provide enriching opportunities for our children. Your level of commitment is entirely up to you – you might do nothing, or lots, or just a bit – you can be involved without immediately taking on any extra tasks.

The aims and objectives as outlined by the constitution are:
• to contribute to the wellbeing of the school community
• to encourage the participation of all parents/carers in the life of the school and the education of their children
• to provide opportunities for all parents/carers of students of the school to discuss issues concerned with the welfare and the general education policy of the school and to assist in the development of a shared parent view
• to provide opportunities for school families to get to know each other and to be informed about their child’s school
• to provide information for parents/carers to extend their understanding of school issues
• to work in cooperation with the school council and the principal
• to raise funds for the benefit of the school.

The PCF Club holds monthly meetings, and forthcoming meeting dates are printed in the school newsletter, on the school Facebook page and on this webpage. All parents, carers and friends are welcome and you do not have to be a member or committee position holder to attend. As a financial member you will receive copies of minutes and agendas, which is a great way of keeping informed if you can’t come along.